Inappropriate parking is everywhere.

On a visit to a local hospital,I was struck by the fact that inappropriate parking is everywhere around us today,it is not just at Bradwell hospital but all over the place. It seems that drivers are just becoming lazy in their approach to parking.

A prime example being the BMW in the above picture,whoever it was parked by has decided to leave it in its own “created” parking space rather than using one of the plenty of empty spaces that were available.

As for the two vehicles in the above photo,words cannot describe the level of disdain that these drivers must have for the rules of the carpark.They have not only parked in front of the locked gateway they are parked on a zebra crossing meaning anyone unfortunate to have to walk along the pavement has to step into the roadway to pass.It also appears that someone has moved or taken upon themselves to move the “no parking”cones that were there.

Sorry for the long post but this sort of inconsiderate behaviour makes my blood boil, it doesn’t take a moment to think of others around you in this world who may not be as fortunate as you,a little bit of care and consideration would go a long way to making things easier for everyone.

I do have examples of this type of terrible parking from all over the country but these couple of examples from a local hospital really set me off.


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